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1/48 | IS-2|Tamiya|Mick

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Time for something completely different ;)  I've started it in August during holidays and it went to the shelf until I finished two lagging ships.

Just a few more 'improvements' and I'll move on to painting stage....

It's also clearly visible that the Tamiya tanker looks like medieval peasant beside James Bond, compared with the Stalingrad dudes.... I'll have to figure out a way around that problem....



















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Take it easy Mick. Going from 1/700 to 1/35 was a big leap :)
you have started well.

Keep your expectations low from tamiya's figures.
If you want a good figure, get a brand like Alpina that works with figures.

Gugıl amca sağolsun. Sayesinde  uluslararası huysuz ihtiyar oldum :D 

Thanks to Uncle Gugıl. thanks to him, I was able to become an international gruff old man. :D 

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Bulut, you're not reading with understanding ;) Its 1/48 and that is the main problem, there aren't  so many aftermarkets in that scale, vide NO metal barrel.............

I've heard that the latest Tami figures are at least decent, this Monglonian peasant (no offence to any real Mongolians ;) ) is definitely NOT. 

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