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1/700 | Fuyuzuki |Rainbow |Mick

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Well Rainbow models aren't for faint hearted ;)  But their PE actually forgives a lot. Many other ones disintegrate if you happen to bend  something in the wrong direction and try to bend it back. These don't. After Nagatsuki I recommend their kits to anyone who's not afraid of nearly 100% PE model.  

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Because PE is good fun :)  I grew up on paper models, so to me PE stuff is not flimsy, compared with paper its rock solid :)

Plus that's just means to an end. The best part of a model is painting it, and then the weathering, everything else is just build up to it. 

Good magnifying glass built into a lamp, steady hand and good tweezers, these are the essentials, that and practice ;) 

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Hey there Mick. Glad to see you on the forum :D

Honestly, this is the first time that I've ever encountered a full resin ship model. Naval models are a bit far from my interest but I am seriously interested in this one.

Looking forward to seeing how this will come up.

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Thanks, this model is more less 50/50 between resin and PE. Nagatsuki was 95% PE. It's my second resin model, first one was this, some years ago:




I know some people don't like working with resin. I'm not a material purist, I really don't give a sh... what it's made of, as long it looks good ;) 



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