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1/700 | Fuyuzuki |Rainbow |Mick

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I wasn't going to build 700th scale warships anymore as I ruined my Shoukaku but, last week I stumbled across fujimi's Akizuki set and it was bargain so I bought it. Looks like I will build one in 2021 too. Now, it's even more entertaining to watch your build log. Can't wait to see the result

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What happened to the Shokaku??? Last pics I've seen weren't showing any disaster? I did like the idea of that water/ensign it was unorthodox :) 

As for Akizuki, there's a nice Flyhawk kit dedicated to it if I remember well and yours will have nicer bow :) Fuyuzuki was the first of the second series, the one with simplified hull :( On the other hand it won'be be that visible, that Fujimi is a waterline kit isn't it? You'll have almost twice the amount of portholes to deal with :P I highly recommend the Rainbow model ones, as you can see, they don't look like something I glued on to the hull.

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Thanks for your kind words, appreciated :)

Well, I bought Kajika 70005 no set and Gold models aircraft equipment PE set and built and painted 24 aircraft. It was a exhausting job for me but everything was fine up to this stage. Then I gave them a panel wash but it was a pain in the arse to clean the excess wash as they were like super clean or completely dirty and I had tried my best to make them look to the scale but, after breaking pe landing gears and losing tail hooks for the 20th time, I had gone mad and packed them all. The ship doesn't have any issues and completed expect rigging but it's meanless to call it a finished carrier without her airgroup is on. Also, I don't like the base either. It seems too dull to me and I haven't got a solution to fix it. I know I should try some techniques on another base before applying to it and find a way to make it glossy but I kinda lost interest and don't want to spend more materials to it.

And for Akizuki, I bought Fujimi 45126. I call it bargain because it's $16 for a full hull Akizuki with PE and metal barrel :wub:. Kit comes with two of them but we have bought it as a joint operation and I will have just one and a older friend of me will have the other one. I would like to get NEXT series DX Akizuki but I'm fine with this one too. As for Rainbow, I highly respect who works with them in such scale but they are too extreme for me. I used to enjoy ship modelling but lost the joy while I was trying to fix every inaccuracy on my ships and trying to detail them up as much as Asian model masters do. So, I came up with a mind to never build a carrier in this scale and try to enjoy while building other types of warships. I'm building a waterline Fujimi Kirishima at the moment and we will see if I can handle it this time. Everything on ethernet and especially on youtube seem "so easy and practical to do" but I learnt the hard way and ruined my favorite project.

Sorry for keeping your post occupied with my issues but I was in need to talk it with someone who shares the same passion.

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13 hours ago, Ahmet Eren İspir said:

Sorry for keeping your post occupied with my issues but I was in need to talk it with someone who shares the same passion

Don't be ridiculous, that's what the forum is for isn't it?

No w down to the business, I'd hate to see such a nice project being abandoned because of some minor issues ;)  Could you update your thread with the photos of those planes? I think I have a solution for you, but I'd like to see them first. If you're fed up with them or don't want to show off with something you consider a failure, you can PM me the pics.

As for the base if the problem you have with it is the lack of glossiness, then rest reassured. The stuff I'm using for my water will make it  as shiny as water. Just get this stuff.


if you want to give it a bit of depth first start with 2-3 layers of that:


Now to Akizuki, I'ts great you have full hull as well, the differences between our sub types will be nicely visible :)

Detailing is a matter of balance in my mind. There is no point of super detailing a model if you don't know how to show off your work with proper paint job. I've seen too many models that were perfect up to a moment they got painted :) Then all the hard work dissapeared under thick layers of paint. What I do with my models produces reactions in both extremities, some people say that I'm an artist, others say that I'm an idiot and heretic :) I don't agree with any of them, just for the record :) On the other hand JUST brilliant paint job, without any detailing is weak as well, so as I've said above, I believe in balance between the two.  

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Actually, there is a lot to say or praise, but google translate is not enough. I loved it here, it is great here, I will say it is beautiful. My English is not enough at first, then google translate is not enough.

Do not think that your work is of little interest.

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Thanks :) 

Actually both open doors are on the starboard (right). I'm washing the upper hull now and while oils dry, I'm going through superstructures towards the bow. 

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