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  1. Because PE is good fun I grew up on paper models, so to me PE stuff is not flimsy, compared with paper its rock solid Plus that's just means to an end. The best part of a model is painting it, and then the weathering, everything else is just build up to it. Good magnifying glass built into a lamp, steady hand and good tweezers, these are the essentials, that and practice
  2. Well Rainbow models aren't for faint hearted But their PE actually forgives a lot. Many other ones disintegrate if you happen to bend something in the wrong direction and try to bend it back. These don't. After Nagatsuki I recommend their kits to anyone who's not afraid of nearly 100% PE model.
  3. No worries, I have BIG magnifying glass
  4. Yes i have to admit that Akizukis are one of my favourites too. Post haven't delivered my coin yet, that's why i've put my dirty finger on the picture, for scale comparison
  5. Time for another destroyer, this time full hull, so thankfully no seascape Kit itself looks like this: For now, I just whacked it all into my 'dry dock' and I'm going to attack it with the saw soon. Hull casting is very nice, detail of the deck is crisp ( linoleum part of the deck comes as PE ), only downside of it is hull plating, but nothing that can't be solved swiftly. Some pics of the hull: Cheers Mick
  6. 16,5 mm that's quite big for the small denomination, you could hide the whole superstructure of that destroyer behind it
  7. I was thinking about 1 Kuruş. That's very interesting exchange rate you're suggesting
  8. Thanks The whole deck, as most of the model really, is PE. I just painted linoleum and then sanded he paint off the strips, uncovering brass. As for the scale pictures, I'm still waiting for some Turkish coins
  9. And guns do have holes in muzzles
  10. Japanese destroyer Nagatsuki (Mutsuki type) torpedo target practice circa 1932. 99 % of the model is Rainbow PE and resin set. Out of Hasegawa there is : hull, funnels without bases one boat and the searchlight. Other than Rainbow set there is 2 cutters form Fine Molds, crew from North Star and some of my own ingenuity Enjoy. With match: With coin: Cheers Mick
  11. I've quit smoking good few years back, as for the Euro coin... It's too big, you may not be able to see the model behind it We'll figure something out. As for helmets, they're matt, as the rest of it, but I did highlight them towards the top, maybe that's why they seem to be shiny.
  12. No worries, my obsession is ship propellers, You'd be surprised how many people put them on wrong way around
  13. Me bad, i didn't drill MG's, I'm saving my dwindling supply of 0,3 mm drill bits for next batch of small caliber guns on my ship As for coins i don't have any Turkish ones, maybe Gokay can send me 1 kuruş along with those nice trophies ??
  14. There is actually metallic color on the tracks and sprockets, but i used pencil and gun metal, its nearly invisible, it's a lesson learned, on the next one i used some aluminium tone and it looks way better. Bull is shaded as well but I think next time i'll need to put more contrast there, light I used during photo session didn't help either. But hey that's my first bull and fifth tank, they'll get better